Offshore Helicopter Transport Safety Book


This new book gives a comprehensive look at the issues and concerns facing offshore helicopter transport. This book offers guidance for offshore helicopter operators, survival instructors and the global offshore workforce.

New Propane Fire Training Facility

The new state-of-the-art firefighting facility at the Nova Scotia Firefighters School is up! This project is an investment in safety, environmental responsibility, and positive change.

FSSC Sponsoring Local Athletics

Falck Safety Services Canada is committed to helping local teams and athletes be successful. FSSC has helped by sponsoring youth baseball, football, and gymnastics, as well as helping individual players and coaches achieve their goals.

MIltary Contract Awarded

Falck Safety Services Canada has won the Canadian Military Ditching Contract for the 2nd time in a row!

Boots & Coots and Falck

Boots & Coots, a Halliburton Service, and Falck Safety Services have formed a strategic alliance to offer well control services and well control training globally.

FSSC and NSFS Partnership

We are happy to announce that Falck Safety Services Canada and the Nova Scotia Firefighters School are teaming up to build a state of the art live-burn facility in Waverley, Nova Scotia.

R & D Funding Announcement

These R&D projects, related to escape exits and survival skills, are being undertaken by Falck Safety Services (Canada) with funding from RDC, Petroleum Research Newfoundland & Labrador, and Falck.

FSSC featured in the new Frontline magazine by Enform

Enform helps companies achieve their safety goals by promoting shared safety practices and providing effective training, expert audit services and professional advice.

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