ROV Training

Course Name: ROV Basic Operator (BO)
Course Duration: 40 Hours / 5 days
Course Description:
This five-day basic ROV Basic operator program, delivered through our partnership with Mike Roberts and Divetech Ltd, is designed for those in the private or public sector who might require a small ROV for underwater operations, especially in remote & hazardous areas where deploying a full dive team can be hazardous, take time and cost money. Hydro Power Generation, Aquaculture, Border Services, Universities, Military, Public Water & Sewer, anyone who has a requirement to deploy divers for recovery, inspections, research applications, survey’s, object recovery, especially in dangerous environments like dam heads or enclosed area’s, will find this course of interest. The 5 Day Basic Operator course utilizes a combination of classroom theory and practical exercises with the emphasis on “hands on” dry land training and lots of “flying time” with the ROV’s. The Basic program utilizes the Seamor “Chinook” & “300t” ROV’s, both small portable units, easily transported with a few pelican cases and include a 1000 feet / 300 M of umbilical. The Seamor ROV’s are manufactured in BC & serviced by local Canadian dealers, welcome news for those agencies with Federal or Provincial procurement policies. Lights and video fore and aft, sonar for low visibility environments, even a manipulator arm, capable of recovering objects or attaching a line, all these capabilities make the ROV Basic Operator training essential for those who work on or underwater and have invested in or plan to invest in a small ROV.
Partnership & Training Standards
The ROV Basic Operator program is delivered at Falck Safety Services Canada through our partnership with Mike Roberts and Divetech Ltd.
Mike has decades of experience as a professional diver & ROV operator / supervisor throughout the world and will be the course director for all ROV operator training at Falck Safety Services Canada.
While this 40 Hour Basic Operator course is not meant to replace a full ROV operator training course, the basic operational procedures and safety protocols are in line with the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) ROV Training recommendations as defined in the document “Entry Level Requirements and Basic Introductory Course Outline for New Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Personnel” (R002) Rev 2.
Divetech is also the eastern dealer for Seamor Marine Ltd. Canada’s only manufacture of inspection / survey class Remote Operated Vehicles. Using our classroom, workshop and environmental pool along with our proximity to numerous lakes & oceans, trainees will work with the “Chinook” & “Steelhead” ROV’s, both of which are manufactured by Seamor Marine. The course however will be valuable for any ROV operator involved in SAR.  
Course Content
  • ROV System components & set up
  • Pre & post-dive checks
  • Launch & recovery, tether management
  • Sonar operation
  • Video recording systems
  • Video commentary and dive log record keeping
  • Object recovery tools
  • ROV navigation and positioning systems
  • Introduction to side scan sonar
  • Basic trouble shooting
  • System maintenance, and storage preparation
 Practical Exercises
  • Launch & Recovery
  • Practical piloting session
  • Practical piloting session recovering objects
  • Practical sonar operation
  • Manipulator training exercise
Class Size:
Due to the requirement for proficiency through hands on experience with the ROV’s, the class size is limited to 6 persons.
Course Cost:
$1500 plus tax
Dave Comeau
Phone: 1-902-448-0755

20 Orion Court                                                
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
35 Beclin Rd Suite 101
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