Military Aircraft Ditching Training

​​Falck Safety Services Canada is currently under contract to provide all Canadian Forces aircrew Rotary Wing Underwater Egress Training (RWUET).


This course provides military aircrew with an understanding of the hazards of helicopter over-water operations. The training provides knowledge of personal and helicopter safety and survival equipment and introduces you to emergency response procedures designed to prepare you for water impact with a subsequent abandonment on the surface or egress underwater.  Practical training utilizing the Modular Egress Training Simulator (METS), designed to simulate the helicopter, will be used for training. This training will be conducted in the state of the art Survival Training Simulation Theatre (STST) pool with environmental effects.


Courses Offered
Aircraft ditching course
Aircraft ditching course with EBS (Emergency Breathing System) 1 day
Aircraft ditching course with EBS (Emergency Breathing System) 2 day
Fixed Wing Dingy Drill
Helicopter Dingy Drill
Rescue Swimmer Training
Testing and Evaluating Military Aircrew Equipment

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